Saturday, May 6, 2017

why me?

God put you here, so that you free yourself and realize your oneness with God. All beings strive to be happy; to be free from suffering. With right effort and right view, we see the true causes of our suffering: We are harming ourselves with our thoughts and reactions. Observe yourself, remain aware and connected to the present moment as it is. Develop awareness, develop good-will and compassion. Be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself. You are on a path of learning, endless learning. Not knowing, but experiencing. Accepting everything that is. You are good as you are. Still you move on to learn, because it's not over, the lesson is not learned yet. Keep on moving with awareness and equanimity. The things you fight in the outer world, are things that you fight within. Be at peace with yourself - and as a result with everybody else. May you be peaceful, may you be happy.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

what is it?

it could be anything.stay open, stay flexible for any possibilities.don't jump to conclusions or blind-beliefs.remain in an open and accepting state- always be ready to learn, stay curious.breathe with awareness.don't lose awareness of your senses.stay connected to the present moment.knowing its dream-like nature,fully embracing what it offers you.see yourself in the outside authentic, be everything.


Awareness is a great key.
Non-stop awareness can help you to remain in a open state.
As soon as you lose awareness of the senses, return when you notice it.
Remain with your senses. 
See the influxes. Know their impermanent nature. Everything is changing.
Observe. Observe your senses. Observe your thoughts, observe your emotions.
Don't identify with any of it. Observe from third-perspective.
Gain third-eye vision. ;)

dont know shit

how can you confidently say so? 
maybe it seems to be the most possible thing,
but in the end: you don't know shit.
nobody knows shit.
so stay open and flexible for any possiblities.
don't accept any blind belief.
everything is dream-like.
be happy.

unconditional love

give and you will receive.

effects on life

everything effects the trip.
be authentic, be present.


Listen, See, Direct.