Thursday, March 15, 2018

Recommendation of meditation-center

Hey my man. I know this might be somewhat offtopic, but have you looked into Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka? They offer 10-day courses for free. Accomodation and food for free. Only people allowed to donate are students, that have absolved a 10-day course. So they have good intentions... Nothing has transformed my life more than doing multiple 10-day courses and also practicing this type of meditation in daily life. It's basically breathing meditation the first few days and afterwards learning to feel your body by scanning it from head to feet. They also give you good background information, but most important: They give you a place to truly get to know yourself. I also have a lot of experiences with psychedelics, just so you know, but those are just experiences. They come nowhere near to true meditation practice. Please look into it, my friend. You can find courses on dhamma dot org.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Coinhive vs Coinimp comparison

Is Coinimp despite higher payout fee still worth it?

Coinimp is advertising with 1 % fee, but their payout threshold is higher and always has a so-called networking fee (aka payout fee).
I made some calculations to determine what service is more profitable reaching minimum payout.

Effective Payout of Coinimp and Coinhive in comparison

The numbers in this article are pulled on the 12th March 2018 at 1400 o'clock.

Payout per 1M hashes [XMR]

0.00004469 - Coinimp
0.00003216 - Coinhive

Payout thresholds and fees [XMR]

Minimum payout threshold for Coinimp is 0.1, while for Coinhive it is 0.02.

Actually transfering XMR to your wallet costs 0.02 at Coinimp, while at Coinhive it is 0.005.
Also if we reach the threshold of 0.5 XMR at Coinhive, we may payout for free.
We will cover all these aspects.


Let's assume we want to payout at 0.1 at both services.

How many million hashes would we need to payout each?

2200 for Coinimp
3100 for Coinhive

How many of those hashes are needed for the payout fee?

450 for Coinimp
150 for Coinhive

How many million hashes would we need in total to get a payout of 0.1 XMR?

2650 for Coinimp
3250 for Coinhive

What if we payout at 0.5 XMR, so that Coinhive's payout is for free?

We would need in number of million hashes:
11200 for Coinimp
15500 for Coinhive
If we now add the networking aka payout fee for Coinimp. It is still more profitable with:


Even after the networking fees (aka payout fees) Coinimp still seems to give you more XMR for your hashes.
I'm now testing if Coinimp is actually delivering the promised hashes per second in comparison to Coinhive. I will post another article soon.

Did I help you in your decision?

If that is so, please consider using my Coinimp-Reflink to support me.

Update: Hashes per second

For two days I have been testing Coinimp's and Coinhive's actual hashes per second.
The same visitors had 2 minutes with Coinimp's miner and 2 minutes with Coinhive's miner.
Coinimp always came first. Still the hashes I have accumulated with Coinimp divided through the hashes of Coinhive give me a rate, that has been declining over the days.

For example:
At a certain time I had 213000 hashes with Coinimp and 113000 hashes with Coinhive.
By dividing I get a rate of hashes, which in this case is 1.88.
Some hours later I do the same:
Coinimp(543000) / Coinhive(361000) = 1,50
This means Coinhive gives me more actual hashes per second than Coinimp.

I will eventually update this with more results.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

find equanimity

find equanimity through constant thorough understanding of impermanence.
everything changes.
accept the truth of reality as it is.
not as you would like it to be.
train your concentration by directing your attention to reality in the form of breath.
be aware and equanimous to purify your mind.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

why me?

God put you here, so that you free yourself and realize your oneness with God. All beings strive to be happy; to be free from suffering. With right effort and right view, we see the true causes of our suffering: We are harming ourselves with our thoughts and reactions. Observe yourself, remain aware and connected to the present moment as it is. Develop awareness, develop good-will and compassion. Be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself. You are on a path of learning, endless learning. Not knowing, but experiencing. Accepting everything that is. You are good as you are. Still you move on to learn, because it's not over, the lesson is not learned yet. Keep on moving with awareness and equanimity. The things you fight in the outer world, are things that you fight within. Be at peace with yourself - and as a result with everybody else. May you be peaceful, may you be happy.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

what is it?

it could be anything.stay open, stay flexible for any possibilities.don't jump to conclusions or blind-beliefs.remain in an open and accepting state- always be ready to learn, stay curious.breathe with awareness.don't lose awareness of your senses.stay connected to the present moment.knowing its dream-like nature,fully embracing what it offers you.see yourself in the outside authentic, be everything.


Awareness is a great key.
Non-stop awareness can help you to remain in a open state.
As soon as you lose awareness of the senses, return when you notice it.
Remain with your senses. 
See the influxes. Know their impermanent nature. Everything is changing.
Observe. Observe your senses. Observe your thoughts, observe your emotions.
Don't identify with any of it. Observe from third-perspective.
Gain third-eye vision. ;)

dont know shit

how can you confidently say so? 
maybe it seems to be the most possible thing,
but in the end: you don't know shit.
nobody knows shit.
so stay open and flexible for any possiblities.
don't accept any blind belief.
everything is dream-like.
be happy.

Recommendation of meditation-center

Hey my man. I know this might be somewhat offtopic, but have you looked into Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka? They offer 10-d...