Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whatever I post, I want to post

We need to learn.
Not school, but controlling our thoughts.
If you think too much, without any good guidance and ignorance by others, you can only become corrupt for this society.
So you should try to outwit it, maybe with its own weapons, maybe with your own inventions.
Watch Star-Wars Episode 1-6, be open-minded, while watching, and learn.
You will learn more for your life, than any school could teach you.
Let me go now, I'm leaving. Bye.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I want to post, I post whatever.

People, Money, Media, Government.

Why are people willing to work all their live long a shitty job, which they don't even enjoy, only to make some money to be able to afford the stuff, they get advertised with in the media and everywhere else?
Why are they electing the same old idiotic party and think, that something will change?
Why am I asking those questions? Why can't I just function and be happy like those people?

I will be back. Bye.

A kind recommendation

Maaaaaaaadventures. Madventures.
Do you know those two finnish guys, who go by the name of Riku Rantala and Tuomas 'Tunna' Milonoff? They don't have a camera crew, only themselves and their own cameras.
They try to travel the world with their backpack and without spending very much money.

There are already 3 Seasons out and only in the third, they are speaking english. For the second season there are english subtitles. But the first one remains in finish, except for some fanmade subtitles on YouTube.
Here is a good channel, where you can watch some of their videos:
And here is their 'official' english channel:

Those two guys are really funny and smart. They have something in their heads and don't bother sharing it with you on their show.

They drank a ganja-milkshake in India and danced like they are on extasy. They drank a ayahuasca (DMT) brewing, made by a shaman in the amazonian rainforest. Riku got a 10.000 Dollar Diamond implanted in his arm, for the case of getting robbed to their bones. Tunna is a vegetarian and likes to wake up Riku like a maniac.
They do rock-paper-scissors to decide, who is going to eat the locals food. They talk critically about the hypocritical western society. They like to smoke a spliff sometimes. And so on.

Go visit their official site ( ) and buy their DVDs, they are awesome. I want another season. Bye.

Random Rant

A warm hello to my non-existing readers!
Today I want to rant about some random stuff, which bothers me in some way or another.
I'm the typical YouTube-Comment-Reading-User and so I can say something about the comments there and maybe something else.

I will just start off, like there is no tomorrow:

What's with those geniuses, who write 'x People missed the Like-Button'!? This was never funny. The first time I've read this, I was disgusted by the dumbness. And today everybody is repeating that and they are feeling original. You are trying too hard. Nobody likes you, you are not funny.
Why would you even write that anyway? Not everybody can like everything you like. There will be disagreements, so you better grow up and stop pretending.

Another thing, which is only most of the time dumb, but not always:
People asking for thumbs up, if people agree with them. Those people seem to be attention whores, gasping for attention. Sometimes it can be funny, when you are dissing those people, by their own method and everybody agrees with you. But everything else is just plain pathetic.

Now for something not-so comment related. I hate those 'mainstream'-YouTubers, who put misleading pictures and titles on their video, only to get more views. And all they got in the video, is their speech, in which they feel important and talk to their little and dumb fans. That kind of swindle isn't even allowed by YouTube, especially not for the 'YouTube'-Partners. It's in the rules, you can read it. And nobody does something about it. Money rules the world.

Finally, I have to touch the sensitive point of Memes on YouTube. YT was made for that. It's perfect. But sometimes it's just too much.

Sometimes I ask myself, why I even surf on YouTube. Then I open up the site, look at the newest videos, by my subscriptions, look at my channel and understand it. It's the music and some people talking stuff, with which I can agree with. Then there is the psychedelic videos, the art, the funny, the boring, the lame, the disgusting, the censored and the disappointing, etc. What am I even writing? I don't understand myself right now. I should stop now. Bye.

P.S.: Sometimes I'm weird and it shows.

Monday, September 6, 2010

First Posting

Hello, my name doesn't matter and I'm here to show you something.
That's my intention and I will post stuff, which is interesting to me in some way or another. Maybe you won't share my interest always, but sometimes you will and sometimes you will enjoy it.
Actually I don't want to write anything more. Introductions are lame anyway. So why am I still writing? Well, because I'm a little bit bored and I wanna have a nice first post, which looks like some nice first post and not like some lousy little first post. Whatever, the surface doesn't matter anyway, so why do I care? Because I learned it that way. But I'm trying to disobey those teachings. Bad, bad preachings making me insecure. I will never listen again, for sure. So now I'm making my own rules and that's it.
I'm done.
This was my first post.
Pretty bad.
Monologues - a good thing.

Recommendation of meditation-center

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