Monday, September 6, 2010

First Posting

Hello, my name doesn't matter and I'm here to show you something.
That's my intention and I will post stuff, which is interesting to me in some way or another. Maybe you won't share my interest always, but sometimes you will and sometimes you will enjoy it.
Actually I don't want to write anything more. Introductions are lame anyway. So why am I still writing? Well, because I'm a little bit bored and I wanna have a nice first post, which looks like some nice first post and not like some lousy little first post. Whatever, the surface doesn't matter anyway, so why do I care? Because I learned it that way. But I'm trying to disobey those teachings. Bad, bad preachings making me insecure. I will never listen again, for sure. So now I'm making my own rules and that's it.
I'm done.
This was my first post.
Pretty bad.
Monologues - a good thing.

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