Saturday, May 6, 2017

why me?

God put you here, so that you free yourself and realize your oneness with God. All beings strive to be happy; to be free from suffering. With right effort and right view, we see the true causes of our suffering: We are harming ourselves with our thoughts and reactions. Observe yourself, remain aware and connected to the present moment as it is. Develop awareness, develop good-will and compassion. Be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself. You are on a path of learning, endless learning. Not knowing, but experiencing. Accepting everything that is. You are good as you are. Still you move on to learn, because it's not over, the lesson is not learned yet. Keep on moving with awareness and equanimity. The things you fight in the outer world, are things that you fight within. Be at peace with yourself - and as a result with everybody else. May you be peaceful, may you be happy.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

what is it?

it could be anything.stay open, stay flexible for any possibilities.don't jump to conclusions or blind-beliefs.remain in an open and accepting state- always be ready to learn, stay curious.breathe with awareness.don't lose awareness of your senses.stay connected to the present moment.knowing its dream-like nature,fully embracing what it offers you.see yourself in the outside authentic, be everything.


Awareness is a great key.
Non-stop awareness can help you to remain in a open state.
As soon as you lose awareness of the senses, return when you notice it.
Remain with your senses. 
See the influxes. Know their impermanent nature. Everything is changing.
Observe. Observe your senses. Observe your thoughts, observe your emotions.
Don't identify with any of it. Observe from third-perspective.
Gain third-eye vision. ;)

dont know shit

how can you confidently say so? 
maybe it seems to be the most possible thing,
but in the end: you don't know shit.
nobody knows shit.
so stay open and flexible for any possiblities.
don't accept any blind belief.
everything is dream-like.
be happy.

unconditional love

give and you will receive.

effects on life

everything effects the trip.
be authentic, be present.


Listen, See, Direct.

the force

i don't know. may good vibes be with you.
use the force, luke. awareness is the force you need.
ultimate presence in the present moment.
may you be happy.

set and setting

with awareness in the present moment.
lucid-dreaming in reality.
being connected to your senses.
observing everything equanimously.
knowledge of ones own persona - mask - play.
every thing arises and passes away. ever-changing.


you are in the present moment.
everything is possible, everything is flexible.
remain open-minded, accept everything.
be here now and love your Self.

body movement

Body movement can be very refreshing.
Yoga is especially efficient.

child and teacher

I see a teacher pointing at a child - hiding its head in shame.
The teacher is mad and his anger towards the child reflects his anger towards himself:
So the child appears as a reflection inside of him.
By shouting at the child, he is shouting at himself and is his first victim - he himself.

You are the child and the teacher.
So be kind to yourself, be patient.
Listen to yourself. How do you feel? What are you thinking? What are you sensing?
Who is doing everything? The universe, universal law, Dhamma.
Things are impermanent, ever-changing.
Everything that ever was - is here and now.
Be here now with equanimity.
See yourself with the naked eye.
You are everything.


zen is about concept-free awareness.
so zen has nothing to do with anything, just like buddhism is not a thing -
those are mere words, imagination, illusions.
everything is in the eternal playground that is the present moment.
so zen is everything, just like buddhism is interconnected.
Those are concepts; mere words, imagination, illusions.
You don't know, you dream.

your needs

Mastering the skill of continuous awareness is basically all you need.
You do so by remaining aware of your breath and your senses.
You try to be aware of whats going on, as long as you can.
If you notice your mind wandering, you calmly and equanimously return to awareness.
The longer you can stay connected to non-judgmental awareness, the more happy you will become.
Accept whatever you are doing and express yourself authentically.
Be aware, be happy.

cats know

Birds also know.
Listen to them more often. They are talking to us.
Had a bird follow me on lsd once. I showed it my right hand and it wouldn't fly away, when I came nearer.
I was filled with positive energy and animals can sense your frequency.
That's why animals followed Buddha around everywhere he went.
They sense your energy.

meditative mindset

Relief and benefits will increase drastically, when you develop a meditative mindset.
This means developing awareness in daily life, not just on the cushion.
You can keep on practicing in every moment.
Every moment is opportunity for growth.
When you remain longer and longer in the open state of non-judgmental awareness, you will feel more freely.
Anxiety and depression can't remain forever. They too will pass away, like all phenomena do.
They may return, but this shouldn't upset you. Just know, that this too will pass away.
Don't yearn for the past, don't expect something from the future.
Live now.
If you practice in this way, you are bound to be successful.
Mind-states will lose the grip over you.
You will be able to see through them.
Accept the possibility of a clear sky. Know, that the sky is there, even when clouds are passing by.

how to meditate

Meditate by being aware of your senses.
If you lose awareness, return as soon as you notice.
Observe and inspect your mind-states.
Investigate what thoughts and emotions do to you.
Realize that you are the observer of your thoughts and emotions.
They are like visitors, don't identify with them. Know, that they also pass away.
Everything arises and passes away.
Accept the present moment as it is.
May you be happy.


Some people feel the rain and some just get wet. :)

good or bad

Every experience, good or bad, arises and passes away.
No experience or thing is permanent.
Know that good times and bad times will pass away.
Be aware of your senses in the present moment.
Your senses are the connection. You sense yourself in the world.
Try and hold awareness as long as you can.
As soon as you lose it and noticed, return calmly to awareness.
Mind-states and contents are like clouds passing in the sky. You are the vast empty space that is the sky.
Formations are passing by. In rhythm with the ebb and flow of things.
Accept reality as it is. Accept whatever you are doing in the present moment.
Be here now.
May you be happy.

cure for depression

Meditation. Awareness.
Inspect the continuity of things.
Understand that all phenomena are impermanent. Nothing is ever-lasting.
Observe what depression does in mind and body. Inspect it, how does it feel like to be depressed?
Observe with an equanimous, peaceful mind.
Accept things as they are.
Express yourself freely, move your body. Simple Yoga is excellent for example.
Close your eyes and move your body however feels right.
Accept your mind-states. Don't identify with them.
They are like clouds passing by, while you are the big blue sky. Empty space to be filled with ever-changing projections.
Everything has dream-like quality. Experience and perceive reality.
Awareness is the key. Remain aware as long as you can.
If you lose awareness and you notice it, move gently back to awareness with an understanding smile in your face.
May you be successful in freeing yourself from the shakles.
May you be happy.


Mindfulness Meditation. Developing awareness can help.
After you established some awareness and equanimity in daily life, you could experiment with microdosing for example.
Get to know the nature of things.
They are impermanent, ever-changing.
No need to cling to it.
Let it flow - the present moment.
Be authentic, express yourself freely.
Be the observer of your thoughts and emotions.
Don't identify with your mind contents.
They are like passing clouds, while you observe the brilliant blue sky beneath.
Imbued with knowledge of the impermanence of things: Knowing that this cloud will also pass.
May you be happy.

be yourself

Stop pretending. Don't be the cool guy.
Be yourself. Express yourself authentically.
That's the greatest service you can do for yourself and others.
By being authentic, you are truthful.


This world is geared towards confronting you with your attachments and making you lose them.
This universe is geared towards freeing everything.
Live. And accept everything.

transform anxiety into laughter

I think about something Alan Watts said. It was something along the lines of: Transforming anxiety into laughter.
So basically generate a positive outlook to everything that is. Appreciation and non-attachment lets one delve deeper to explore those mysteries. This happened to me on LSD and it keeps happening.
Allow yourself to be happy. Don't hold back. :)


Develop loving-kindness and compassion for everything that is.
Be aware and equanimous toward everything that you experience.
Be happy.


It's all BS: Belief-systems.


It just is.
Have good intentions. Be mindful and develop good-will, equanimity and loving-kindness.
Living, breathing and experiencing in that way - Dhamma will come your way.
Accept the universe. See the connection. See that the universe is in your favor.
You are an relative being. You are not absolute.

Fluoride and other additives

My honest opinion:
Change your diet to a plant-based diet. Karma-free food. Less processed stuff, less conservative additives.
Eat clean, eat healthy.
No need for fluoride. Third eye calcification might be true. Scientists don't know everything.
It's not harmful in low dosages? How can they be so sure?
This is more scientific: It's probably not harmful in low dosages.
So there is this probability. I rather live without unneccessary chemicals and keep it natural, clean and healthy.

eternal connection

You are connected.
Connected by cause and effect.
You are a wave in the ocean.
You are juggling with concepts.
Don't be so quick to accept your beliefs as reality.
Accept mind contents, don't reject them. But remain aware of the nature of things.
It's not you against the universe. You are not an seperate entity.
Go with the flow. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing.


Meditate. Vipassana is a great therapy.


Be aware of your attachment. Awareness and equanimity is of main importance.
We attach ourselves to buddhist concepts in order to achieve something. There can be good intention behind that. Attachment is not inherently bad.
Not being aware leads to conceit.


Don't start developing aversion or craving.
Let things come and go as they are. Develop equanimity and understanding of impermanence.
A thought pops up: This will pass away. Don't resist. See it come and go. Then back to your breath.


Like the finger pointing at the moon. :)
Don't just stare at the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory of the moon.
Those concepts are for one to be contempleted, in order to be recognized experientially (i.e. by meditating).
Buddha only shows us the path, we have to walk it by ourselves.


Don't just be a Buddha-on-the-cushion, although you shouldn't abandon formal meditation, where you sit for meditation - it's beneficial.
Meditate whenever you remember it.
You remember, then bring awareness to your meditation object (could be the breath and/or your body).
You are walking; bring awareness to the movement of your body/breath.
You are eating; bring awareness to you eating/breath.
You want to develop a sort of meditative mindset, in order to be liberated.
So do it as often as you can, spread throughout the day. Not just those few minutes on the cushion.

just meditate?

You have to contemplate and understand the Dhamma, in order to identify those processes in your experience.
If you just meditate, without any knowledge of what you are supposed to be looking for, then your chances of succeeding in liberating yourself are very slim (probably).
You move from heard wisdom to contempleted wisdom to experienced wisdom.
btw. the modern Vipassana movement actually has a lot of textual support, especially in the earliest scriptures.
Scholars of Theravada Buddhism did a lot of work to back up those forms of Insight-Meditation.
Even in Mahayana Buddhism you find those kind of meditation practices.
Don't be mislead. This form of meditation is certainly (one) way to go and be successful.


If you have pleasent, unpleasent or neither-pleasent-nor-unpleasent experience, it does not change how you should perceive it.
You should be aware and equanimous.
If you have
pleasent experience: Be aware and don't react with craving/clinging.
unpleasent experience: Be aware and don't react with aversion/hatred.
neither-pleasent-nor-unpleasent: Be aware and don't react with ignorance/getting distracted.
"When a man abides thus mindful and fully aware, diligent, ardent, and self-controlled, then if a pleasant feeling arises in him, he understands "This pleasant feeling has arisen in me; but that is dependent not independent. Dependent on what? Dependent on this body. But this body is impermanent, formed, and dependently originated. Now how could pleasant feeling, arisen dependent on an impermanent, formed, dependently arisen body, be permanent? In the body and in feeling he abides contemplating impermanence and fall and fading and cessation and relinquishment. As he does so, his underlying tendency to lust for the body and for pleasant feeling is abandoned." Similarly, when he contemplates unpleasant feeling, his underlying tendency to resistance [pa.tigha] to the body and unpleasant feeling is abandoned; and when he contemplates neither-unpleasant-nor-pleasant feeling his underlying tendency to ignorance of the body and of that feeling is abandoned." - SN 36.7
In order to be unattached to the formations of the present moment, you need to pick up some concepts, to help you abandon your attachments.
One of those concepts, is the concept of impermanence.
"The characteristic of impermanence does not become apparent because, when rise and fall are not given attention, it is concealed by continuity... However, when continuity is disrupted by discerning rise and fall, the characteristic of impermanence becomes apparent in its true nature." - Vis. Ch. xxi/p. 640
You observe - in the present moment - how things arise and pass away, therefore witnessing the impermanent nature of things.

psychedelics and meditation

I started to delude myself further, until I actually started meditating regularly while sober and learning more about Dhamma.
When I was somewhat experienced in meditation and Dhamma, then some psychedelic experiences were of use.
They rendered certain insights more clear:
The present moment is ever-changing. Nothing is worth clinging to. Awareness and equanimity are essential to the art of living and the art of dying.

Let go

Let it go. It was just an experience like any other. Don't be sad when it goes away.
Everything arises and passes away.
Stay aware and equanimous with the present moment as it is.
Be happy.


It isn't nothing. It's actually mind-training. You develop a skill.


Whatever I experience is reality. Everything is real. The nature of phenomena is ever-changing. Nothing lasts.
Everything arises and passes away.
We are the universe. My environment is what shaped me. I'm nothing without the universe. I'm the universe.
Every moment reality changes. Every moment myself is different. Nothing worth clinging to.
Stay centered by accepting whatever is happening. Stay in the present.
Truth is whatever you can experience yourself, everything else are concepts in a playground.

Vipassana in the tradition of Sayagi U Ba Khin

Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka. It's for free and you are able to learn this wonderful technique in 10 days.
This way of meditation helped me to stay present, remain aware and equanimous with reality as it is. Not as I would like it to be.
There is heard wisdom, intellectualized wisdom and experienced wisdom. The first two are very common. Only the third (i.e. right meditation practice) will be applicable in daily life.
For example: I knew anxiety is useless for me, damaging me. Still I wasn't able to stop it. By applying this technique to anxiety inducing situations I was able to calm down and see the anxiety pass away.
Everything arises and passes away.


Suffering exists, because of craving and aversion.
Wanted things happen and I crave for them to happen again.
Unwanted things happen and I have an aversion towards them.
Craving for a different reality makes us suffer. If you remain equanimous and aware in the present moment as it is, the suffering will cease to exist.
Seeing the impermanent nature of things; nothing worth of clinging.
Seeing the empty nature of things, everything void of a self.
My mind content, feelings, sensations just are. Nothing to worry about. They come and go. Nothing to cling to.
Everything that arises, passes away. Anicca.
Vipassana meditation is one way to realize this.

the present moment

It just is.


Everything is impermanent. Why do you cling to those phenomena, that are ever-changing?
What is there to deal with? Let it arise and pass away.
You feel mentally disturbed? See how you experience it and let it pass away. Be aware of your experience. Disturbance will settle.

natural and spontaneous

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.
Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow.
Let reality be reality.
Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.


Love makes everything easy.
If all you do is love, you love every thing. No thing is excluded.
If you love everything, you love yourself.

a few daoist proverbs

To a mind that is still, the entire universe surrenders.

Good order results spontaneously when things are let alone.

Try to change it and you will ruin it. Try to hold it and you will lose it.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.

The wise man knows that it is better to sit on the banks of a remote mountain stream than to be emperor of the whole world.

To see things in the seed, that is genius.

Everything has what is innate, everything has what is necessary.

A path is made by walking on it.

To have a human form is a joyful thing.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.

The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days.

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.


Watch every moment conscious. Let go of past, present and future concepts.
See concepts for what they are. They are just concepts and that's it.
Your anxiety is certain sensations and muscle tension in your body.
Your mind is thinking a story to accompany the sensations.
Watch them come and go, always knowing they will eventually pass away.
Everything arises and passes away, so does your experience. Let it go.

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