Sunday, April 30, 2017

cure for depression

Meditation. Awareness.
Inspect the continuity of things.
Understand that all phenomena are impermanent. Nothing is ever-lasting.
Observe what depression does in mind and body. Inspect it, how does it feel like to be depressed?
Observe with an equanimous, peaceful mind.
Accept things as they are.
Express yourself freely, move your body. Simple Yoga is excellent for example.
Close your eyes and move your body however feels right.
Accept your mind-states. Don't identify with them.
They are like clouds passing by, while you are the big blue sky. Empty space to be filled with ever-changing projections.
Everything has dream-like quality. Experience and perceive reality.
Awareness is the key. Remain aware as long as you can.
If you lose awareness and you notice it, move gently back to awareness with an understanding smile in your face.
May you be successful in freeing yourself from the shakles.
May you be happy.

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