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If you have pleasent, unpleasent or neither-pleasent-nor-unpleasent experience, it does not change how you should perceive it.
You should be aware and equanimous.
If you have
pleasent experience: Be aware and don't react with craving/clinging.
unpleasent experience: Be aware and don't react with aversion/hatred.
neither-pleasent-nor-unpleasent: Be aware and don't react with ignorance/getting distracted.
"When a man abides thus mindful and fully aware, diligent, ardent, and self-controlled, then if a pleasant feeling arises in him, he understands "This pleasant feeling has arisen in me; but that is dependent not independent. Dependent on what? Dependent on this body. But this body is impermanent, formed, and dependently originated. Now how could pleasant feeling, arisen dependent on an impermanent, formed, dependently arisen body, be permanent? In the body and in feeling he abides contemplating impermanence and fall and fading and cessation and relinquishment. As he does so, his underlying tendency to lust for the body and for pleasant feeling is abandoned." Similarly, when he contemplates unpleasant feeling, his underlying tendency to resistance [pa.tigha] to the body and unpleasant feeling is abandoned; and when he contemplates neither-unpleasant-nor-pleasant feeling his underlying tendency to ignorance of the body and of that feeling is abandoned." - SN 36.7
In order to be unattached to the formations of the present moment, you need to pick up some concepts, to help you abandon your attachments.
One of those concepts, is the concept of impermanence.
"The characteristic of impermanence does not become apparent because, when rise and fall are not given attention, it is concealed by continuity... However, when continuity is disrupted by discerning rise and fall, the characteristic of impermanence becomes apparent in its true nature." - Vis. Ch. xxi/p. 640
You observe - in the present moment - how things arise and pass away, therefore witnessing the impermanent nature of things.

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