Sunday, April 30, 2017

meditative mindset

Relief and benefits will increase drastically, when you develop a meditative mindset.
This means developing awareness in daily life, not just on the cushion.
You can keep on practicing in every moment.
Every moment is opportunity for growth.
When you remain longer and longer in the open state of non-judgmental awareness, you will feel more freely.
Anxiety and depression can't remain forever. They too will pass away, like all phenomena do.
They may return, but this shouldn't upset you. Just know, that this too will pass away.
Don't yearn for the past, don't expect something from the future.
Live now.
If you practice in this way, you are bound to be successful.
Mind-states will lose the grip over you.
You will be able to see through them.
Accept the possibility of a clear sky. Know, that the sky is there, even when clouds are passing by.

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